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"My office will always work hard to prevent the third-party payer system from interfering with a trusting doctor-patient relationship."

Dr. Bloch's dental practice reminds us of old-fashioned, nearly forgotten dental practices where three generations of a family are equally at ease being cared for.

Our professional team works with patients to achieve and maintain stronger teeth, healthier gums, and beautiful smiles. Patients are informed of their treatment options before anything is done, since we know this leads to a better doctor/patient relationship and relieves the stress about seeing a dentist.

Dr. Bloch dedicates himself to practicing conservative, honest, ethical dentistry, providing:

  • The most comfortable care possible, leading to long-term, trusting relationships where patient needs are anticipated and patients stay healthier, longer.
  • A healthcare partnership unburdened by constraints imposed by third parties.

After 20 years of playing the insurance "game," Dr. Bloch emphasizes educating patients who are caught up in the jumble of insurance company rules. He says of his role:

""I help patients overwhelmed by insurance company policies, guiding them through the maze of restrictions put there specifically to make those companies profitable."

Bloch Dental professionals stand behind everything they do, providing a safe haven where your care is never coerced. They'll never sell you anything just because it will help their own bottom line.

Let Dr. Bloch and his staff go that extra mile to protect your health. They'll educate and help you choose the care that best suits your individual needs. Maintaining better long-term oral health care is just a click away.

Jeffrey A. Bloch, D.D.S.
11777 Bernardo Plaza Court, Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92128
Phone: 858-376-1440

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